The Next Generation of Homes

Is it time to say goodbye to your house keys?  Very possibly! The next generation in home security is a home that is capable of recognising you and your needs.  Can you imagine not having to fumble about with the climate control and worrying about if you remembered to turn off the gas stove? Well, no need to imagine the next generation in housing is here.

Living in a next generation house could be intrusive for some while others may appreciate the structure and security it brings. The next generation house can replace the piercing buzz of your alarm with a gentle voice personally reminding you to wake up…“wake up Lily, its 6am”. Throughout the day, your shutters will adjust just enough to allow the perfect amount of sunlight to stream through. Your water temperature will be carefully regulated, no more cold showers and when you are ready to leave the house, your front door will lock behind you.

The British Building Services and Information Association (BSRIA) has reported that automation within the home will become a mass-market development, thanks to the growth in smart technology. In our highly connected world, it seems like a natural leap to bring smart technology into our homes and allow it to monitor our daily life with the touch of a button.  And it is not only the advances in technology creating the possibilities for automation within the home. The rise in energy prices has also created demand for more intuitive solutions to decrease our energy consumption, reduce our wastage and the price of our energy bills.

Sound exciting? There must be a catch?  There is if you are limited by dollars in the bank.  Like all new technologies the next generation home comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  Over a lifetime it’s easy to see the potential of such an investment both in long-term savings as well as the overall convenience and quality of life it would create. Still keen? Well before you start scrambling to try and get your deposit in time for your futuristic abode, why not give Deposit Power a call and find out how we can help. We can provide an alternative to your cash deposit requirement when buying property with a Deposit Guarantee for up to 10% of the purchase price.

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