We Support YOU!

In light of the recent headwinds that the mortgage broking industry is currently facing, we wanted to let you know that Deposit Power stands shoulder to shoulder with Mortgage Brokers in their efforts to ensure this important national industry, which millions of Australian’s benefit from, remains strong and viable into the future.

As a professional who is serious about your business, we know you always put your client’s interests first. You provide a crucial service to your customers and help them achieve their life goals. As a consequence, the Mortgage Broking community has long held the trust of consumers and we strongly back the Mortgage Broking industry.

We find the recommendations of the Royal Commission to curb broker commissions and move to a consumer-pays model, not in consumer’s best interests. We believe a move in this direction will lead to a decline of consumer choice which will be to their detriment.

We see from various announcements in the past weeks that the various industry bodies and senior executives within the industry will be working tirelessly over the coming months to ensure the Mortgage Broking industry remains robust and financially sustainable. We trust the federal government and opposition engages with the industry to work towards a viable solution for the future.

We are actively encouraging everyone to sign the MFAA petition at https://www.brokerbehindyou.com.au/

We also encourage you to engage with customers, family and friends over this period and call on their support too.  Write to your local member and also any candidate standing for Federal Parliament who has won pre-selection by their party – they may be your new member later this year!

Finally, a word of encouragement – stay focused……. often, it’s the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

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